Too many estate agent boards?

Sick of seeing an explosion of estate agent boards down your road?  Did you know they can be controlled by planning regulations? `For Sale' or `To Let' boards are limited to only one board on each road frontage and they must be on the building or land to which they relate.  It is unlawful for more than one estate agent to erect a sign on any property even if is has more than one road frontage.  Even more important is that for sale and to let notices must be removed 14 days after the sale or letting.  I am pleased to report that Brent planning service take their regulatory role seriously and do pursue offending estate agents.  Have just heard that the council has recorded 27 convictions this financial year in relation to illegal estate agents’ signage in the Willesden area and others are being investigated.  Let me know if you have any concerns in your road.


  1. I am glad that someone has posted such a concern specially coming from a councillor. It is also quite heartning that the Brent Planning Service is taking it seriously. However, is there a process in place that notifies the Planning Service that a property has indeed been let or sold? I don't think even the estate agencies know that a property they placed their boards is indeed out of the market.

    I don't know if the agencies are taking it seriously. I personally know of a property that has the boards up there for the last 1 year. There were many more untill I took them away and complained. I was told that it is really a third party that places the boards so it takes a while before they are removed.

    Is there a way to notify the Planning service of such properties where the boards ar still intact even after 1 year?

    Please advice

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  4. Also in Temple road in Mapesbury one of Brent Councils partners Stadium housing associated have had sign up for over a year. Perhaps the council should talk to its partners about this