Disorder in London: Local response

Resident members of Brent's safer Neighbourhoods police panels were called to a meeting with Taff Thomas on Saturday (13th August). This was to update residents about local events during recent troubles and to explain plans in hand should trouble erupt again. The meeting was well attended by residents although I was the only councillor present. I left feeling some confidence in how our local teams had operated and how they had prepared for potential trouble. Learnt two things of interest. The first was about the reporting of a man arrested at Northwick Park Station for carrying a knife and who then collapsed and was taken to hospital very ill. When I first heard this I was anxious about a possible local reaction. However, the incident had been reported wrongly. The man was arrested by transport police not local met officers and had swallowed drugs which made him ill. He has since fully recovered. Errors in reporting could have led to further incidents. The other point of interest was the police officers' praise for the close and effective working with Brent Council. Outside the station were a fleet of Brent Transportation Service buses on standby should a team of officers be needed to get to a trouble location quickly.