Recent councillor casework

Current casework from residents as of 11/8/2014

Relocation of bus stop, Pound Lane
Tree problem in gardens, Chapter Road and Gowan Road
Fly tip in Willesden Lane
Environmental issues, Gowan Road
Neighbour dispute, Chapter Road
Landlord and environmental issues, Cooper Road
Noisy neighbours, Churchmead Road
Overgrown garden, Chaplin Road

"Working on" Projects

Signage for Grunwick Close
Christmas lights in centre tree – liaison with Galliford Try
ASB in Villiers and Chaplin Roads (with co-councillors)
Future of former police station (awaiting planning application)
Planning enforcement issues: Churchmead Road, Walm Lane
Council tax enforcement: Litchfield Gardens
Use of "Pay Back" team to clear garden area by bus stop, Dudden Hill Lane/Meyrick Road junction


Cheaper street parties

Hosting street parties in Brent have been been made cheaper after Brent Council approved plans to reduce the fee. Members voted in favour of proposals which will see the charge to hold special events slashed to £200. The cost of holding commemorative functions had previously totalled to more than £1,300. The council reviewed the process and requirements for road closures, including removing the need to place expensive advertisements and notices in the local press, enabling the fee to be significantly reduced. Under these new rules, the time it takes to process permission for street parties will also be reduced from 8 weeks to just 6 weeks. The council has listened to residents who have asked for ways that they can hold more of these events.  We hope to see lots of street parties and special events in Brent in the future.

Walm Lane clean up

Congratulations to Deborah Mahs and the rest of the Willesden Town Team for organising this clean up. 30+ residents, with brooms and brushes and water provided by the fire brigade, gave Walm Lane shop fronts a very welcome 'wash and brush up', supported by Veolia and London Transport staff and local shopkeepers. The event highlighted that while the council has a duty to keep streets clean, whether we live, work or just pass through an area, we have a responsibility to respect neighbourhoods and not to litter the streets. We hope there will be similar events in other parts of Willesden.

Taxicard scheme - important information for users

Changes are being made to the Taxicard scheme database. The Taxicard scheme is paid for by the London boroughs and TfL and is managed by London Councils on the boroughs’ behalf. The scheme provides subsidised transport in taxis and private hire vehicles for people who have mobility impairments and difficulty in using public transport. To ensure only active users are kept on the Taxicard database, holders who have not used their card in the last two years have been identified and could have their membership cancelled at the end of the month. The review is to ensure that the database is kept up to date and to remove records of members who no longer use the scheme. This will ensure that data handling is more efficient and will prevent sending unnecessary information to members who no longer use the scheme. In addition, the exercise will ensure that boroughs are able to forecast their budgets more accurately. If a Taxicard holder wishes to reapply for the scheme they can contact London Councils’ Taxicard team for advice.

Should you or a Taxicard holder have any further queries, email taxicard@londoncouncils.gov.uk or contact the Taxicard helpline on 020 7934 9791.


Road works in Willesden High Road

Residents will know of the flood and sewer works being conducted by Thames Water on the Sainsbury site. Upgrading is now moving to the High Road itself and this will create problems and diversions for around a month.  A nuisance for now, but good if all the problems of the past are rectified.

Ellis Close at the junction with High Road, Willesden
Proposed Temporary Traffic Management Order for a road closure in Ellis Close at the junction with High Road, Willesden for foul and surface water sewer mains connection. (Flood alleviation) Closure date: 05/05/2014 to 29/11/2014.

High Road, Willesden at the junction with Richmond Avenue
Proposed Temporary Traffic Management Order for a road closure in High Road, Willesden at the junction with Richmond Avenue for foul and surface water sewer mains connection. (Flood alleviation) Closure date: 23/07/2014 to 22/08/2014.

TfL have told us that the diversion route is from the High Road - Brondesbury Park - Staverton Road - Sidmouth Rd - Willesden Lane (left for 206, 266 & 460, right for 98 and N98).  Route 206, 266 and 460 continue along Walm Lane past Willesden Green Station, while Route 98 and N98 will continue on Willesden Lane towards Kilburn.  Signage should be up at all stops before and will provide instructions on the route diversion and alternative stop locations.


Current casework

A summary of some ongoing issues I am working on:

Churchmead Rd
Possible planning enforcement, excess of rubbish in frontages.
Chapter Rd
Possible theft of bollards and metal road signs seen by resident.
Balmoral Rd: 
Huge tree blocking light in quite a few back gardens. 
High Rd:
Motor bikes illegal parking on pavement outside Domino Pizza.
Villiers Rd/junction with DHL:
Car shop on corner selling and repairing on the road. 
The Oaks:
Parking issues.
Some issues outstanding from pre election period.

Annual condition survey

Councillors now involved in the annual task of identifying pavements and carriage ways needing the independent condition inspection.  I have nominated Churchill, Cooper and Harlesden Roads (Chambers to Hawthorn) for carriage way inspection and Meyrick and Villiers/Chaplin junction for paving. For the 6th year running have put forward the tarmac side of Bertie Road for attention.  Whether or not they are improved will depend on the inspection result and of course funding!

Roundwood Park SkatePark

Some years ago I suggested the south of Brent needed a skatepark like the very popular one at St Raphael's. I am delighted that one is now being planned. Brent Sports and Parks Service are consulting on designs so they get feedback on the layout and design. It is expected that a planning application will be submitted based on user requirements later in the summer. The new skatepark will be located just north of allotments and about 80m from the nearest houses at the back of Roundwood Youth Centre. Funding for the project is from Sport England and local planning gain (Section 106). The park will be made of concrete which is quieter surface. Raised point that site likely to attract graffiti so organisers considering some 'professional' art work.  Likely start November/December if weather OK.  Any comments and queries n be sent to Neil Martin, Leisure Client & Projects Officer, Sports and Parks Service, Environment and Neighbourhood Services,  Brent Council.  Tel: 020 8937 3717.  Mobile: 07852 505297


Fatal accident in Willesden

Very sad to hear of the branch of a tree falling to kill a woman and to badly injure a man. My thoughts are with their families. Branch fell from a tree in the grounds of The Oaks, Harlesden Road. No concerns about tree safety has been reported to me as ward councillor even when there were heavy winds as in recent years. Have asked if there had been reports to BHP officers.


Pavement relaying

Have noticed that the footpath paving in front of the old Crown pub and next to the bus garage is being relaid.  I have submitted this as a site for relaying for some time, so am pleased to see it being done.  Next step is for Thames Water to repair the water seeping from the roadway in front of the bus garage gates.  Has been like that for ages!