Current casework from residents as of 12/10/2014
Access to telephone service for parking issues.
Penalty notices on suspended parking bays.
Landlord and environmental issues, Cooper Road.
Information sought from Brent Police Commander re manning for Willesden Green.
Tree needing pruning in Chaplin Road.

"Working on" Projects
Signage and parking controls for Grunwick Close.
Lights for cultural centre tree – liaison with Galliford Try for winter months lighting.
ASB and dumping in Villiers and Chaplin Roads (with co-councillors).
Future of former police station (awaiting planning application).
Planning enforcement issues: Churchmead Road, Walm Lane.
Use of "Pay Back" team to clear garden area by bus stop, Dudden Hill Lane/Meyrick Road junction.
Dispersal order – Unity Close.
Environmental issues, Gowan Road.
Landlord and environmental issues, Cooper Road.

Monitoring planning applications for Kings Rd and High Road.

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