Current casework

A summary of some ongoing issues I am working on:

Churchmead Rd
Possible planning enforcement, excess of rubbish in frontages.
Chapter Rd
Possible theft of bollards and metal road signs seen by resident.
Balmoral Rd: 
Huge tree blocking light in quite a few back gardens. 
High Rd:
Motor bikes illegal parking on pavement outside Domino Pizza.
Villiers Rd/junction with DHL:
Car shop on corner selling and repairing on the road. 
The Oaks:
Parking issues.
Some issues outstanding from pre election period.

Annual condition survey

Councillors now involved in the annual task of identifying pavements and carriage ways needing the independent condition inspection.  I have nominated Churchill, Cooper and Harlesden Roads (Chambers to Hawthorn) for carriage way inspection and Meyrick and Villiers/Chaplin junction for paving. For the 6th year running have put forward the tarmac side of Bertie Road for attention.  Whether or not they are improved will depend on the inspection result and of course funding!

Roundwood Park SkatePark

Some years ago I suggested the south of Brent needed a skatepark like the very popular one at St Raphael's. I am delighted that one is now being planned. Brent Sports and Parks Service are consulting on designs so they get feedback on the layout and design. It is expected that a planning application will be submitted based on user requirements later in the summer. The new skatepark will be located just north of allotments and about 80m from the nearest houses at the back of Roundwood Youth Centre. Funding for the project is from Sport England and local planning gain (Section 106). The park will be made of concrete which is quieter surface. Raised point that site likely to attract graffiti so organisers considering some 'professional' art work.  Likely start November/December if weather OK.  Any comments and queries n be sent to Neil Martin, Leisure Client & Projects Officer, Sports and Parks Service, Environment and Neighbourhood Services,  Brent Council.  Tel: 020 8937 3717.  Mobile: 07852 505297