Boris and transport problems

A reminder of the transport problems under Boris Johnson:

·  London fares have become the most expensive in the world
· The cost of a single bus journey has increased by 56%
· A Zone 1-6 travel card is now £440 a year more expensive
· Closing ticket offices and cutting staff will make commuting more difficult and will cost jobs
· A pledged to keep a ticket office open at every station. He is breaking that promise.

Flagrant discrimination

Appalled to hear of local estate agents prepared to follow landlord instructions to illegally discriminate against African-Caribbean people seeking flats to rent. The BBC undercover investigation found several incidents of discrimination, including a black researcher being denied viewings his white counterpart was welcomed. The lettings manager at A to Z Property Services, Willesden High Road, is quoted as saying: "We cannot be shown discriminating against a community, but obviously we've got our ways around that….99% of my landlords don't want African-Caribbean people or any troublesome people." The lettings manager at National Estate Agents, also in Willesden, had similar comments. Under the Equality Act 2010, it is illegal for businesses to refuse to provide a service based on ethnicity. There has to be further action on this flagrant breach of the 2010 Act.