Safety Award

Brent Council has been given the National Transport Award as best authority for road safety, traffic management & enforcement.  This is a tribute to the huge reduction in traffic accidents in the Borough over the past few years. It demonstrates how seriously we take road safety.

Willesden Sports Centre's 5th 'birthday'

Good to visit the Willesden Sports Centre on it's birthday. Was very involved in its planning when lead member for the environment.  Lots of worries along the way mostly to do with funding. I remember being involved in the 'topping our' ceremony. It was suggested at the beginning of the planning process that it should be built alongside the existing centre and to return the original site to park land when completed. Local residents were against this so the centre was closed and out of action for around 2 years. Pity, as it would have worked. Centre now provides a valuable facility for local people and well worth the efforts made at the time.

Refurbished play area for Unity Close

The planning application for the refurbishing of the playground in Unity Close has been posted. Thus is a long overdue refurbishment welcomed by residents. The application is submitted by Stadium Housing, one of the housing associations managing the estate. The proposal is to install a multi-use games area (MUGA) with 3m high boundary fence, a new play area and alterations and proposed new path, seating and planting area to form an attractive seating area for older residents. Willesden councillors will make a contribution to the cost from the Willesden Ward Working scheme.