New Cultural Centre - Parking review

Have just been informed of Transportation's forward planning for the CPZ areas around the Cultural Centre:
"The review is planned to be undertaken approximately six months after the Centre opens, to give it time to bed in and start hosting regular events.  This will ensure that when we consult with residents and businesses, their responses will be based upon a true picture of the parking impact of the Centre, thus avoiding the scenario whereby a review is undertaken on a partly operational Centre, that would then have to be repeated at a future date as the Centre becomes more fully utilised.
The review is likely to focus on the operational hours of the CPZ in nearby streets in zones GC, GH, GS, KS and the High Road itself, particularly with regard to evenings and weekends, to provide greater protection for residents at those times if required.  If hours are altered, existing parking permits would continue to be valid over the revised operational times, but residents of the new flats within the development will not be eligible to apply for such permits as this is a permit free development with on-site parking."

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