The Marie Celeste of NW10?

Residents using Willesden Library Centre have expressed concern about what they see as a decline in our "flagship centre".   For several years I had the pleasure as lead councillor of seeing the library grow in the services and resources it provided, when, for example, both the museum and archives were relocated. Now residents regret that the cinema and cafe have gone, that the reception desk is often unstaffed, that there is a drinks vending machine in the reading area and that the outside area is left littered and untidy.  In the first few days of the snow, there was no gritting to protect visitors from the icy and dangerous conditions in the car park.  A Neighbourhood Working proposal was to fund the training in security of reception staff so they could legally play a more supportive security role. This was declined by management.  The current Lib Dem/ Conservative administration do not appear to have plans or proposals for reversing what we see as this downward trend.

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