Taxicard scheme - important information for users

Changes are being made to the Taxicard scheme database. The Taxicard scheme is paid for by the London boroughs and TfL and is managed by London Councils on the boroughs’ behalf. The scheme provides subsidised transport in taxis and private hire vehicles for people who have mobility impairments and difficulty in using public transport. To ensure only active users are kept on the Taxicard database, holders who have not used their card in the last two years have been identified and could have their membership cancelled at the end of the month. The review is to ensure that the database is kept up to date and to remove records of members who no longer use the scheme. This will ensure that data handling is more efficient and will prevent sending unnecessary information to members who no longer use the scheme. In addition, the exercise will ensure that boroughs are able to forecast their budgets more accurately. If a Taxicard holder wishes to reapply for the scheme they can contact London Councils’ Taxicard team for advice.

Should you or a Taxicard holder have any further queries, email taxicard@londoncouncils.gov.uk or contact the Taxicard helpline on 020 7934 9791.

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