Blue Plaque request

The possibility of putting a blue commemorative plaque on a house in Chapter Road has been raised. Some years ago there were efforts to commemorate the pianist and jazz band leader, Charley Kunz, who lived in Dollis Hill, a regular on the radio in the 1940's. Unfortunately the request failed, with funding for blue plaques generally being the reason. The latest request is to commemorate the London-based writer, John O’Donoghue, who lived in Chapter Road. John O’Donoghue emigrate to England where he wrote an autobiographical novel, eventually published in 1957 as "In a Quiet Land". This was followed in 1958 by "In a Strange Land" and "In Kerry Long Ago" in 1960. The first of the three was particularly successful. He died in London 1964, while working on a fourth book about his life. It would be good for Willesden if all its famous residents were commemorated in this way.      

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