Child poverty in Brent

An article in the Kilburn and Brent Times (28/2/1013) reported that a study of child poverty in Brent found  the largest proportion were living in Brent Central. The “End Child Poverty” coalition group found 42% of children living in Stonebridge Ward were suffering from relative poverty, just below was Harlesden Ward with 39% and 34% in Willesden Ward.  Having met Willesden families struggling with a low income, I know these statistics are likely to be accurate. According to the government, families with children who are earning less than 60% median income (currently £26, 500 for 2013) are classed as living in poverty.  There is an additional formula used depending on the adult- child ration so for example, a couple with 2 children under 16 who earn less than a total of £18,300 are living in poverty.  But a single parent with 2 children would be classed as living in poverty if the are taking home less than £14,000.  This figure is £11,300 for a single parent with 1 child.

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