2011 Census

The 2011 census is providing some interesting information on 
Brent and Willesden.  As we have suspected all along our 
population numbers have been grossly underestimated 
in the past ten years, costing the borough many thousands in 
government grants.  Willesden data shows that in comparison 
with other wards, Willesden is:
The 6th in population growth (up 22.39%)
The 5th in households with more than one resident ( 17.03%)
Those aged  5 – 19 comprise 17.7% of total and overall ward is 3rd 
with population of 0 -19 year olds (so a very ‘young’ ward)
32,676 residents are aged 65 + (putting ward 19th for this age group)
We will have other data for the ward in the coming months

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