Improvements to tube end of Chapter Road

Residents living in Chapter Rd and those using Dollis Hill Station will be pleased to know of planned improvements that I have been urging for years. The main aim of the scheme is to improve accessibility for pedestrians by improving safety at crossing points, repairing the footway and "generally improving the look and feel of the road".  Proposed improvements around the tube station include:

• Raise and pave the carriageway outside station to slow down vehicles.
• Install a raised entry treatment at Deacon Rd junction with Chapter Rd.
• Install tactile paving at all the crossing points along the section of the road.
• Repair defected bits of the footway in Chapter Rd between the station and Dudden Hill Lane.
• Remove all existing waiting restriction sign posts and provide new short posts at the back of  footway to increase the width of the pavement and provide more space for pedestrians.
• Install clear pedestrian directional signs outside the station and at the junction of Dudden Hill Lane and Chapter Rd.
•  New cycle stands and cycle hoops at key locations along the road. 
• Reduce street clutter by removing unnecessary signage, bollards and renew any essential items.

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