White Ribbon Day 26th November 2012

White Ribbon Day is also known as the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The campaign urges males to wear a white ribbon as visible pledges never to commit, condone or remain silent about such violence. All Brent councillors are demonstrating their commitment to eradicating violence on women by wearing the ribbon and signing the pledge on Monday 26th November 2012. Members of the public are encouraged to sign the pledge too. While few men are violent towards women, many ignore the problem or consider it not having anything to do with them. However, each week, two women are killed by a violent partner or ex-partner and 70% of assaults result in injury. Such violence is experienced by 45% of women. Brent statistics: 2011/12, the percentage of reported domestic abuse incidents is 1.1% - a rate of 12.9 per 1000. A police report (2012) estimates a long term increase in domestic abuse rates of +1.4%. For the year to date (2012/13), 1.8% of Brent’s population were victims of forced marriage, and 0.9% of honour based violence. For 2011/12 sexual violence incidents are recorded for 0.1% of Brent’s population. This is a rate of 1.3 per 1000. Clearly, there remains a lot to do to raise awareness and action.

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