Graffiti vandal in prison

A Graffiti vandal who daubed businesses, canals and train stations and has been described as one of the Tube's most prolific offenders, has been jailed for a year.  Harry Conway spray painted his tag 'ZeRX' on numerous local shops and restaurants close to his home in Liddell Gardens, Kensal Rise, and was believed to be part of the 'YAM' crew that stood for Young And Mad or You Ain't Much. He was sentenced at Harrow Crown Court where the judge told him: "This is a three year period where you applied graffiti on both public and private properties, damaged London Underground and railway property, British Waterways property - some of them permanently - and caused damaged to commercial and residential property.  "To say more about what you have done, and what I have seen in photographs of your work, would be to entrench this course of offending and give it some sort of dignity, of which it is completely devoid, and in reality is nothing more than deliberate, persistent and shabby vandalism. Conway is said to have caused £70,000 worth of damage

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