Police Station closing?

There was an announcement today that around nine police stations in London could be closed. This is not a new item as I first heard about it in 2008 when the Met Police had a review of assets.  I wrote then that the argument for closure has always been that the Willesden building is not fit for the purpose of modern policing and together with budget cuts, this is likely to remain the strongest argument against it staying open.  I also wrote that if there's a choice, I would rather see officer numbers maintained rather than unfit buildings as I don't think buildings are the main issue. The main issue should be the ease of access to the police at local sites and the service received.  There may be yet another "campaign" by opposition groups and the Lib Dems, but it is cuts forced on the police by the coalition government they support is responsible. A firm plan on which police stations are to close is expected by the autumn.

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