Outer London funding - for Willesden

Willesden is to benefit from the allocation of £500,000 from the Mayor of London's Outer London fund. He has allocated nearly £10m from the Fund to boost the attractiveness and competitiveness of local high streets across London. This is a three-year £50m initiative to improve economic activity and encourage employment in parts of London that will benefit less directly from Crossrail and the 2012 Games. A second round of funding (£40m) is open for boroughs to bid for until 14 October and Brent officers are preparing a second bid. The Willesden funding is expected to:

- physically transform Willesden Green High Road to make it a more attractive place
- improve the employment and skills levels of local people and increase levels of self employment
- create a place to showcase and foster local creative talent and promote cultural vibrancy
- continue the programme by delivery through local organisations and replicate in other relevant localities.

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