Our MP's concerns?

Have not heard much lately about our MP, Childrens' Minister, Sarah Teather.  She does not always turn up to local events when expected. However, she has been making some interesting comments which indicate a concern for some of her her coalition government colleagues' policies.  For example, "Inside Housing" (13.7.2011), she is said to have voiced concern about the impact the coalition government’s housing benefit caps will have on thousands of families. She revealed her concerns during a question and answer session at an event hosted by the Family and Parenting Institute.  She supported the principle behind the government’s benefit reforms including the introduction of a universal credit, of removing benefit claimants’ disincentives. but she said this should not come at the expense of the estimated 50,000 families who will be negatively affected by a £500-a-week cap on all benefits. To quote Sarah Teather:

"If you are asking me if I am worried about the level that the cap is set at, yes, I am extremely worried."
And so she should be, as the impact on housing and families in Brent Central will be massive.

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