Impact of government austerity programme

The Coalition Government's austerity programme is set to last for another four years, but the cuts will severely impact upon many vulnerable local people. The Tory-Lib Dem government have already overseen:

the scrapping of Child Trust Funds.
-   - the rise in VAT costing an average household an extra £275 each year.
-   - entitlement to child benefit for people earning over £44,000 being removed costing families £1,055 each year for the eldest child and £749 for younger children. 
-   - a freeze in the value of child benefit, causing families with children to lose over £100 per annum
-   - the Health in Pregnancy grant being abolished costing new mums £190.
-   - the Winter Fuel Allowance for pensioners being cut this winter by £50 for pensioners under 80 and by £100 for pensioners over 80
-   - financial support to employers to take on young unemployed people being cancelled after the Future Jobs Fund was axed (even though youth unemployment is at a record high).

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