Planning objections

 I take a particular interest in planning applications for conversions or new build in the ward.  Some developers are very greedy and try to pack too much in the space available. When I send objections, they usually cover concerns about over-development or poor quality accommodation or amenity for potential occupiers. Some applicants go on to appeal to the independent inspectorate and are often refused at that level. Have just heard that one of my objections went as far as the Magistrates Court where an owner was found guilty of breaching an enforcement notice which required him to remove a very large extension.  He was fined £4,000 and ordered to pay the Council’s prosecution costs of £2,663.60. It's good to see the borough's planners get support from the independent inspectorate and the courts.

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  1. Please discuss this in the Labour Group, and prime other councillors to do the same as you.

    So much rubbish gets built, with and without planning permission, but the planning service will presumably see cut-backs and cannot do all the monitoring.