Pedestrian Refuges

I have been concerned that there is a need for a pedestrian refuge on some roads in Willesden as it can be hard to cross the full width of the road safely. I asked Transportation about how such refuges are agreed and implemented and they have given me a technical answer. I am advised that they are provided individually, but more often as part of a larger scheme. The primary of a refuge use is to serve the public's need to cross the road where a formal pedestrian crossing cannot be justified. It serves a secondary purpose of separating opposing traffic flows, and calming traffic speeds. However, they do sometimes require the loss of some on-street parking and this is not always welcomed in residential streets. The criterion is accident reduction, or serving a pedestrian's "desired crossing line". The kerbing and tactiles are not expensive, but it is usually necessary to get a live electricity feed in cross carriageway ducts to serve the illuminated bollards. Again, it may be necessary to prevent parking which in turn needs a traffic order and parking restrictions. Much depends on the location. Let me know if there's a site you think should have a pedestrian refuge.

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