Plan for Learie Constantine Open Space approved

As a local councillor I have had a lot to do over the years with listening to residents' views and promoting the necessary improvements to the open space in Villiers Road. Thanks to the Labour Government's "Playbuilder" scheme, Brent has been given generous funds to improve this and other open spaces for children's play.  The Parks Service used "Groundworks" to do the independent consultation. It is good to see that work has started on the site. There are some conditions intended to address local residents' concerns. The site will not be used between dusk and 8 am and gates will be closed between these times so neighbours won’t be disturbed in the evenings.  The condition to restrict lighting is also to avoid disturbing neighbours. There is finally a limit to the height of fencing to 2.4m in height from pavement level to ensure the site has a good visual appearance.

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