Alcohol sales licence reviews

If you have problems with a licensed premise nearby, whether a bar, club or retail shop, you can contact Health, Safety and Licensing to investigate the complaint and to take action where possible. Breaching any of the long list of conditions Brent puts on successful licence applications can trigger a review. Problems could include noisy premises or patrons and under age sales. While residents are understandably concerned about young people drinking to excess, “binge” drinking is less prevalent in Brent - at 10% - than in London overall where the average percentage is 15.4%.
In some instances it may be better to ask for a license review if there is sufficient evidence. Grounds for a review must be connected to one of the four objectives: prevention of crime and disorder, prevention of public nuisance, protection of children from harm and public safety. You should have details of dates and times and the nature of your complaint. It also helps if there is supporting evidence such as flyers for events, other advertisements, photographs or corroborative statements from other witnesses. Licence reviews are put before the Council’s Licensing Committee and you or your representative (can be a councillor) should attend a hearing. I have been involved in presenting evidence for one review and am gathering evidence for another. They can make a difference!

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