Willesden Green "Neighbourhood Working"

Each ward in Brent has a "Neighbourhood Working" project. Councillors, officers and resident representatives meet for regular walkabouts or discussions to identify issues which could be helped by the small funds for each ward.

In Willesden it was agreed to use funds last year to put up "Neighbourhood Watch" signs to help encourage other roads to join in. Also purchased were graffiti removal kits which the local police distributed to shop keepers and a percentage of time for mobile CCTV cameras. There was concern about some anti-social behaviour involving young people in the Library area and wanted some positive ways to avoid it. Youth Service officers discussed alternative activities with young people and the fund supported music production workshops as part of the Youth Services' "Summer University Programme". Noticed the sofa seating in the Library vestibule? They are from Neighbourhood Working funds as well and are well used.

We can only spend the funds on actions and functions that are not the council's responsibility to deal with. We shall soon meet to consider the projects for this year and would welcome more ideas from residents.

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