Willesden fly-tips

Sadly, Willesden tops the list for fly tipping in the borough, with 89 incidents in April, 76 in May and 67 in June. While incidents are decreasing, we must do our bit to stop people dumping to avoid the collection charge brought in by the current Lib Dem/ Conservative council administration. Under the Waste “Duty of Care” regulations, householders are responsible for making sure that their waste is disposed of legally or they could face a fine. They need to check if someone knocking on their door offering to remove bulky items are authorised waste collectors and not “cowboys” who will dump the rubbish anywhere. New rules also make it easier for councils to take action against anyone caught illegally transporting waste or caught fly-tipping.  If you see a dumping incident it can be reported to 8937 5050 or let me know.  Pass the soap ....

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  1. Danielle Goodsell27 August 2009 at 07:14

    I believe that many families in Willesden (some being recent immigrants) are not aware that, if I'm not mistaken, the council will pick up large items once per year for free. Recommend we promote this? People in a recession are not going to bother calling the council and paying a £25 fee.
    Also, why can't Brent promote sanctioned fly tipping ie put your large items out once every quarter, then you can do a once a quarter pick up, much more efficient approach from a resourcing perspective? This works successfully in Australian councils. At the moment you are just having to pick things up constantly - there is no way to stop it. Note I had already suggested this at the Willesden Area Forum meeting, with no valid response as to 'why not'.
    If you can stop it, why don't we 'organise it'??