Loss of family housing?

Large parts of Willesden Green consist of Victorian and Edwardian terrace houses. I am concerned that so many family size houses have been converted to flats or bedsits over the past ten years or so and reducing the stock of larger properties the borough so badly needs. Like other London boroughs, Brent has a very long list of families applying for affordable housing. Many are currently in overcrowded conditions and wait a long time for a suitable property to become available.

In some Willesden roads, nearly half of the houses appear to have been converted already and have changed the community of residents. I suspect that some developers focus on roads with houses of very similar dimensions and style so they can use the same plans for different planning applications.

It is therefore good to know that the planning service can sometimes refuse an application (using policy H17) that would result in the loss of “a small purpose-built family dwelling” failing to “aid in the retention of mixed and balanced communities through a variety of housing sizes.” I would welcome this policy guidance being used more regularly in Willesden.

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  1. Thank you for your appreciated efforts on the struggle to preserve family houses in Willesden. As you say, there has been a steady errosion of dwelling houses they being replaced by high density housing. The character of the area is constantly being threatened by self serving developers. Well done, Lesley.